Members Benefits

BIFC will strive to give members benefits throughout the preiod of your membership. Please forward any opportunities to the committee.


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  • Go to > Profile > Account > set:
  • Venue = Brunswick Hotel
  • Club Code = QBKIFC

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$5 OFF

0412 025 727

*NOTE call for your first booking so that the discount can be applied (the online booking system doesn’t cater for the discount).

Discounted membership rate of $50 per week, which provides 24/7 access to our facility for your members to use the space for their general fitness needs, this includes 2 semi-private sessions per week.

Semi-private sessions are designed for a group of 5-6 of your members to attend our facility for a 1hr session with our practitioners where are able to increase their general fitness in line with that needed for the football season, increasing their resilience through engaging in activities within a new space with new people as well as providing the comfort and stability of enabling them to train in small groups together with fellow members/peers that they are already familiar with.

Ph:0466 339 986 

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If you need any help, please email the club secretary